Perceptor is delighted to announce our 25th birthday!

It was 3rd May 1999 when Ian McAlpine and Mark O’Connor opened the doors of Perceptor.

The dotcom bulls were running and the market was hot. Perceptor got off to a flying start (a startup recruiting for other startups) and we never looked back, even when the bust came and some of our clients went under. It wasn’t as enjoyable in the downturn but we decided to keep going…

It’s been a fun journey working with (mostly) supportive and engaged clients, candidates and colleagues. The world has changed but the basics of successful recruitment remain the same. Sourcing and retaining talent remains a top priority for corporate leaders.

Firstly, thank you to all our clients for your support and recognising the value we bring to the market. Many of you have both recruited via us and been placed by us and we have been lucky enough to build some fantastic relationships over the years.

Secondly, we need to say a huge thankyou to our team members over the years, especially our current team Ian McAlpine, Mark O’Connor, Richard Baker, Duncan McNeill, Melissa Kingham, Paul‑Angelo Pierucci, Jo-Anne Cowley, Alison Burchett, Taryn Gabriel, and Luke O’Connor.

Our clients tell us they value TRUST, EXPERTISE and the PERCEPTOR NETWORK the most in their relationship with us, and we value the trust put in us.

After 25 years, we are better placed than ever to deliver great results for our clients.

We’re proud of turning 25 and moving into our second quarter century!

Thanks for your support over the years.

We look forward to working with you again.

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