Background: A major Australian airline had identified the need to transform and modernise their digital infrastructure and capability to a consumer centric model. Having spent some time in-market with no success the organisation asked Perceptor to conduct a full market search to source a range of candidates from which they could select.

Major Challenges: Based in Brisbane, this role required candidates who could both build digital product/infrastructure and lead sales/optimisation and customer experience. The volume of transactions and size of revenue  via the digital channels make this a top 5 organisation in the market, leading to a challenge for sourcing candidates with the relevant size of business experience.

Approach: Perceptor devised a research strategy which focussed on the most sophisticated (and highest volume) consumer digital sectors in Australia. This covered retail banking, grocery, online gaming, insurance and digital pure-play.

Result: Perceptor was able to source a highly experienced digital industry expert from a leading financial services institution. With the added complication of a relocation Perceptor was able to secure the candidate a career advancing opportunity and the organisation gained the benefit of one of the strongest digital executives in the market.

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